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Enumerate Battery

The following steps describe how to retrieve information about the batteries in the AMT device.

1.  Retrieve the list of CIM_Battery elements and examine the following properties:

a.   CIM_Battery.BatteryStatus to determine the current status of the battery (such as Low, Critical, or Fully Charged)

b.   CIM_Battery.Chemistry to determine the type of battery, such as Nickel Cadmium or Lithium-ion.

c.   CIM_Battery.EstimatedChargeRemaining to see an estimate of the percent of battery power remaining.

d.   CIM_Battery.FullChargeCapacity to see the battery’s mWh when fully charged.

e.   CIM_Battery.DesignVoltage to see the battery’s design voltage in millivolts.

2.  Create a reference to each instance of the battery so that the corresponding CIM_PhysicalPackage object can be identified.

3.  Use the list of CIM_PhysicalPackage objects to examine the following properties:

a.   CIM_PhysicalPackage.SerialNumber to see the battery’s identifying serial number.

b.   CIM_PhysicalPackage.Manufacturer to see the name of the organization responsible for producing the battery.

Click here for a snippet demonstrating this step

You can execute this snippet by inserting it into the execution template found here.


$batteryRef=$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM CIM_Battery")










  # Create reference to the CIM_Battery instance.





  # Traverse to the CIM_Realizes instances that are connected to the CIM_Battery instance.



    # For each instance, check if it is associated to the CIM_PhysicalPackage instance.



          # Get the CIM_PhysicalPackage object using its EPR.










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