EnumerateConnectedMachines Command

This function enumerates the names of Intel AMT platforms that are currently connected to the MPS via the APF protocol.


void EnumerateConnectedMachines (

  [out] dateTime | duration Expires

  [out] uint EnumerationContext










The expiration time assigned by the data source. The expiration time may be a specific time, or duration from the enumeration's creation time. Both specific times and durations are interpreted based on the data source's clock.

If this element does not appear, then the enumeration will not expire. That is, the enumeration has an indefinite lifetime. It will terminate when the end of the enumeration is reached, or if the consumer sends a Release request, or by the data source at any time for reasons such as connection termination, resource constraints, or system shut-down.




The required EnumerationContext element contains the new enumeration context. The consumer is required to pass this parameter in Pull requests for this enumeration context.


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