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Enumerate Memory Module

The DSP1026 DASH profile (System Memory Profile), Chapter 9.3 (Find the System’s Physical Memory Information) describes how to retrieve information about the physical memory.

note-icon Note:

When the memory speed is greater than 1000MHz the CIM_PhysicalMemory Speed parameter will equal 0.


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# Create reference to the CIM_Memory instance.

$memoryRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM CIM_Memory WHERE DeviceID='Memory 0'")

$realizesRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("CIM_Realizes")


# Traverse to the CIM_Realizes instances that are connected to the CIM_Memory.

foreach($realizesItem in$realizesRef.Enumerate("",$null))


    # For each instance, check if it is associated to the CIM_PhysicalMemory instance.



          # Get the CIM_PhysicalMemory object using its EPR.

          $physicalMemoryInstance =$realizesItem.Object.GetProperty("Antecedent").Ref.Get()

          $capacity =$physicalMemoryInstance.GetProperty("Capacity")

          $formFactor =$physicalMemoryInstance.GetProperty("FormFactor")

          $memoryType =$physicalMemoryInstance.GetProperty("MemoryType")

          $speed =$physicalMemoryInstance.GetProperty("Speed")

          $manufacturer =$physicalMemoryInstance.GetProperty("Manufacturer")

          $serialNumber =$physicalMemoryInstance.GetProperty("SerialNumber")

          $partNumber =$physicalMemoryInstance.GetProperty("PartNumber")

          $bankLabel =$physicalMemoryInstance.GetProperty("BankLabel")





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