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Enumerate Vpro Verification Table

The following steps describe how to retrieve the vPro Information represented in the Intel AMT device.

1.  Retrieve the instance of AMT_AssetTable, where the “TableType” key equals “131” (representing the Vpro Verification Table).

2.  For that table, retrieve the binary information: Structured Version, Cpu Capabilities, Mch Capabilities, Ich Capabilities, Me Capabilities, Tpm Capabilities, Network Devices, Bios Capabilities.

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$assetTableRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM AMT_AssetTable WHERE TableType='131'")

$assetTableInstance =$assetTableRef.Get()

$tableData =$assetTableInstance.GetProperty("TableData")

$tableDataInBytes =[System.Convert]::FromBase64String($tableData)

$cpuCapabilities = New-Object'System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary[string,int]'

$cpuCapabilities.Add("VMX state", 0)

$cpuCapabilities.Add("SMX state", 0)

$cpuCapabilities.Add("LT/TXT", 0)

$cpuCapabilities.Add("LT/TXT State", 0)

$cpuCapabilities.Add("VT-x", 0)

$cpuCapabilities.Add("VT-x State", 0)

$cpuCapabilitiesList =$tableDataInBytes[12]

$cpuCapabilitiesBites =[Convert]::ToString($cpuCapabilitiesList, 2)

foreach($key in @($cpuCapabilities.Keys))


    if($cpuCapabilitiesBites -band (0x00000001))  


          $cpuCapabilities.Item($key.ToString()) = 1


    $cpuCapabilitiesList =[Math]::Floor([int] $cpuCapabilitiesList / [int] 2)

    $cpuCapabilitiesBites =[Convert]::ToString($cpuCapabilitiesList, 2)




Additional Information

The following enumeration defines the  structure of the vPro verification table.



uint32 StructuredVersion;

uint32 CpuCapabilities;

uint32 MchCapabilities[2];

uint32 IchCapabilities[2];

uint32 MeCapabilities[3];

uint32 TpmCapabilities;

uint32 NetworkDevice[3];

uint32 BiosCapabilities;

uint32 StructureIdentifier;

uint32 Reserved;



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