Event Filter Subscribers

The Event Manager sends the alerts caught by the event filters to designated computers, known as “subscribers”. The Event Manager Feature supports SNMP subscribers:

   SNMP Subscribers – Created remotely to receive PETs.

You determine which subscribers receive the events caught by a filter by entering the PolicyID of the event filter in the PolicyID property of the instance representing the subscriber. Several subscribers can be associated to the same event filter.

You can retrieve information only about the subscriptions you created. (A user with admin privileges may access all alert subscriptions).

The maximum number of subscribers you can create depends on the Intel AMT Release:

   Prior to Intel AMT Release 2.5: 8

   Intel AMT Release 2.5 and later: 16 (maximum SNMP=14, maximum SOAP=8)

   Intel AMT Release 6.0 and later: 14

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