Event Types Summary

The following table describes the types of events that are received by the Intel AMT. The events are in ASF format (See DMTF document DSP0136).




Sensors Events

Temperature Problems

(Sensor Type = 1)

Generic critical temperature problem

Generic temperature warning

Over-Temperature problem

Over-Temperature warning

Under-Temperature problem

Under-Temperature warning

Voltage Problems

(Sensor Type = 2)

Generic critical voltage problem

Over-Voltage problem

Under-Voltage problem

Fan Problems

(Sensor Type = 3)

Generic critical fan failure

Generic predictive fan failure

Fan speed problem (speed too low to meet chassis cooling spec’s)

Fan speed warning (fan speed below expected speed. cooling still adequate)

Case Intrusion

(Sensor Type = 4)

Physical security [chassis intrusion] )

System Firmware Errors Events

No system memory; memory missing

No system memory; unrecoverable failure

Unrecoverable hard-disk failure

Unrecoverable system board failure

No bootable media

Hang during option ROM initialization (specified via watchdog set command)

Unrecoverable multi-processor configuration mismatch

System Firmware Progress Events

System firmware started. The presence of this progress code indicates that at least one CPU is properly executing.

Starting memory initialization and test

Completed memory initialization and test

Starting hard-disk initialization and test

Waiting for user-password entry

Entering BIOS setup

Starting system resource configuration, e.g. performing PCI configuration

Starting option ROM initialization

Starting OS boot process

Starting secondary processor(s)’ initialization

Watchdog Events

System Boot Failure


OS Boot Failure


AMT Generated Events

Link Up Event

See Link Up Event


Watchdog Events

     See Default Watchdog Event

     See OS Hang Watchdog Event


Password Attack Event

See Password Attack Event


Circuit Breaker Event

See Circuit Breaker Event


Agent Presence Event

See Agent Presence Event


Firmware update Event

See Firmware Update Event


Bring Up Events

     See CPU Missing Event

     See CPU Dead On Arrival Event

     See DIMM Missing or Not Functional Event

     See BIOS Hang Event


Circuit Breaker Heuristics Notification

See Circuit Breaker Heuristics Notification


User Notification Alert

See User Notification Alert


AMT Notification Alert

See AMT Notification Alert


Auditor Notification Alert

See Auditor Notification Alert


Host Wake Up Notification Alert

See Host Wake Up Notification Alert


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