General Usage Information

The CIM_RoleBasedManagementCapabilities.ActivityQualifiersSupported field returns the Realms supported in a particular release of Intel AMT. Each realm has a short string associated with it. These strings are used to grant a user or Kerberos entity access to one or more realms or to see which privileges a user has. See, for example, CIM_Privilege.ActivityQualifiers. The table Realm Names and Realm Shortcuts lists the realm abbreviations.

The process of defining and modifying a user entry has some implementation dependence that falls within the framework of the DASH specification.

Creating a new Digest user using the method CIM_AccountManagementService.CreateAccount passes new account information using CIM_Account as a template, or embedded instance.

When updating an existing user with CIM_Account.Put, The Name field is used to update the entry and the UserID field is ignored.

Invoking CIM_Account.Get returns the same value for both UserID and Name.

Invoking CIM_Account.Delete or CIM_RemoteIdentity.Delete deletes all of the objects and associations created for the selected ACL entry.

In Release 3.2 and subsequent releases, a user could see the instances associated with any other user. Starting with Release 6.0, a user that does not have permission for the ADMIN realm can only see his own instances, while an admin can see the instances of all users including his own instances.

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