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Get a List of Users

The following steps describe how to retrieve an array of handles corresponding to ACL user entries.

1.  Retrieve the instance of AMT_ AuthorizationService, where the “Name” key equals “Intel(r) AMT Authorization Service”.

2.  Invoke AMT_AuthorizationService.EnumerateUserAclEntries with the following parameters:




‘1’ – For the first entry


3.  TotalCount returns the total number of ACL entries. HandlesCount is the number of handles returned in this call. Handles is a list of returned ACL entry handles. If the output parameter HandlesCount is not equal to the output parameter TotalCount repeat step 3, but set the StartIndex Parameter to sum of HandlesCount that were received in previous calls+ 1.

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$authorizationServiceRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM AMT_AuthorizationService WHERE Name='Intel(r) AMT Authorization Service'")

$inputObject =$authorizationServiceRef.CreateMethodInput("EnumerateUserAclEntries")


$outputObject =$authorizationServiceRef.InvokeMethod($inputObject)

$returnValue =$outputObject.GetProperty("ReturnValue")

if($returnValue -like "0")


    $totalCount =$outputObject.GetProperty("TotalCount")

    $handlesCount =$outputObject.GetProperty("HandlesCount")

    $handles =$outputObject.GetProperty("Handles")




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