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Get Event Filter Subscribers

The following step describes how to get details about the filters and their subscribers.

1.  Invoke AMT_PETFilterForTarget.Enumerate.

2.  To determine the subscribers for each filter, examine the list returned by the enumeration where:

   AMT_PETFilterForTarget.Antecendent references the AMT_PETFilterSetting object that represents the event

   AMT_PETFilterForTarget.Dependent references an AMT_EventSubscriber object that represents the subscriber

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$petFilterForTargetRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("AMT_PETFilterForTarget")

foreach($petFilterForTargetItem in$petFilterForTargetRef.Enumerate())


    $petFilterSettingInstance =$petFilterForTargetItem.Object.GetProperty("Antecedent").Ref.Get()

    $eventSubscriberInstance =$petFilterForTargetItem.Object.GetProperty("Dependent").Ref.Get()




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