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Get Intel AMT PET Capabilities

The following step describes how to get details about the sensors that an Intel AMT System supports. Sensor capabilities are based on the PET specification.

1.  Invoke AMT_PETCapabilities.Enumerate.

2.  If no objects were returned, there are no sensors on the platform. Otherwise, examine the properties of each object to determine the supported sensors:

a.  InstanceID: Intel(r) AMT: PET Capabilities %d" where %d is the sensor number.

b.  EventSensorType: Based on the PET specification. For example, 01h is temperature.

c.  EventType: Based on the PET specification. For example, 01h is Threshold-based; 6Fh is sensor-specific.

d.  DeviceAddress: The SMBus address of the physical sensor device that implements the logical sensor.

Use this information to create an event filter.

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