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Get ME Capabilities

The following steps describe how to retrieve the capabilities of the Intel Management Engine.

1.  Enumerate the class CIM_RegisteredProfile.

2.  For each instance examine CIM_RegisteredProfile.RegisteredName.

Additional Information

See Supported DASH Profiles for a list of the supported profiles by release. See Support for Other Intel Platforms for a description of feature differences between platforms.

The following table lists all of the valid RegisteredName values:

Values of CIM_RegisteredProfile.RegisteredName

Physical Asset


Boot Control

Power State Management




Power Supply

System Memory

Base Desktop and Mobile

Software Inventory

Simple Identity Management

Role Based Authorization

Profile Registration

User Initiated Connection

Remote Access

Audit Log

Intel(r) AMT

WiFi Port

Common Services

Intel(r) Standard Manageability (Release 5.0 only)

Intel(r) Std. Mgt. (Release 5.1 and later)

Intel(r) L3MgtUpgrade

KVM Redirection


Instance Diagram

Classes Used in This Flow

SDK Sample

Not applicable


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