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Get Provisioning Audit Record

The following step describes how to retrieve the provisioning audit record.

1.  Enumerate the class IPS_ProvisioningAudit Record (only one instance will exist). The class  that exists for the Intel AMT system defines how the system was configured (TLS/Manual/Client):




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$provisioningAuditRecordRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("IPS_ProvisioningAuditRecord")

$provisioningAuditRecordCollection =$provisioningAuditRecordRef.Enumerate()

foreach($provisioningAuditRecordItem in$provisioningAuditRecordCollection)


    $provisioningAuditRecordInstance =$provisioningAuditRecordItem.Object






The IPS_ClientProvisioningRecord class is available starting with Intel AMT Release 7.0.


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