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Get System Power Saving State

The following steps describe how to determine the power saving state, also known as connected standby or Instant Go, for Windows 8 and above platforms.

1.  Retrieve the instance of IPS_PowerManagementService using “Name” key = Intel®AMT Power Management Service.

2.  Examine IPS_PowerManagementService.OSPowerSavingState.


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#Create a reference to the IPS_PowerManagementService class.

$powerManagementRef = $wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("Select * from IPS_PowerManagementService Where Name='Intel(r) AMT Power Management Service'")

#Create aninstance of the IPS_PowerManagementService class

$powerManagementIns =$powerManagementRef.Get()

$powerSavingState = $powerManagementIns.GetProperty("OSPowerSavingState")



Additional Information

This function is available from Release 10.0.

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