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Get System Power State

This section follows the DMTF Power State Management Profile, DSP 1027, section 9.2.

The following steps describe how to determine the power state of the platform.

1.  Find the instance of CIM_ComputerSystem representing the managed host, as described in Discovering CIM_ComputerSystem.

2.  Retrieve the power management association to service instance by invoking Enumerate with association Filter using association instance with the following parameters:




The ComputerSystem reference obtained in Step 1.

Result Class Name



3.  Examine the instance property CIM_AssociatedPowerManagementService.PowerState to see the system power state.

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# Create a reference to the CIM_ComputerSystem instance.

$computerSystemRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM CIM_ComputerSystem WHERE Name='ManagedSystem'")

$associatedPowerManagementRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("CIM_AssociatedPowerManagementService")


# Traverse to the CIM_AssociatedPowerManagementService instances that are connected to CIM_ComputerSystem instance.

foreach($associatedPowerManagementItem in$associatedPowerManagementRef.Enumerate("",$null))


    # For each instance, check if it is associated to the CIM_PowerManagementService instance.



          $associatedPowerManagementInstance =$associatedPowerManagementItem.Object

          $powerState =$associatedPowerManagementInstance.GetProperty("PowerState")





Additional Information

In Release 3.2, where filtered enumeration is not supported, perform CIM_AssociatedPowerManagementService.Enumerate without any filter. The release is guaranteed to have only one instance of this class.

Instance Diagram

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