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Get the Boot Configuration for the next Boot

The following steps describe how to retrieve the boot configuration setting set to be used in the next boot.

1.  Find the instance of CIM_ComputerSystem representing the managed host, as described in Discovering CIM_ComputerSystem.

2.  Determine whether a boot configuration was set for next boot and retrieve the association instance of  CIM_ElementSettingData that associates the “Managed System” to the boot configuration.

a.  Retrieve the CIM_ElementSettingData that associates the “Managed System” with CIM_BootConfigSetting by using Enumerate with association Filter using association instance with the following fields :




The ComputerSystem reference obtained in Step 1.

Result Class Name




b.  Examine the SettingData property of each instance for a reference to CIM_BootConfigSetting. Check the IsNext property first to see if it is set to (3) IsNextSingleUse. If so, then the reference in SettingData is to the boot configuration for next boot (otherwise it will be set to (2) IsNotNext). If no instances were found, then there is no configuration for next boot and a regular boot will be done, if and when there will be a power change that requires a boot.

3.  Retrieve the CIM_BootConfigSetting, which is the object of the SettingData reference found in the previous step. Use CIM_BootConfigSetting.GetByReference using the reference found earlier.

Additional Information

Intel AMT Release 3.2 (where filtered enumeration is not supported), instead of steps 1 and 2.a use a direct enumeration of CIM_ElementSettingData.

Instance Diagram

Classes Used in This Flow

SDK Sample

If there is a sample demonstrating this flow, it is included in the SDK installation file. See SDK Installation Layout for details.


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