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The following steps show how to retrieve the Universal Unique ID (UUID) of the platform.

1.  Create an EPR for the instance of CIM_ComputerSystem, where the “Name” key equals ”ManagedSystem”.

2.  Use the EPR to select the appropriate instance of CIM_ComputerSystemPackage.

3.  Invoke CIM_ComputerSystemPackage.Get and examine the PlatformGUID property.

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$computerSystemRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM CIM_ComputerSystem WHERE Name='ManagedSystem'")

$computerSystemPackageRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("CIM_ComputerSystemPackage")


$computerSystemPackageInstance =$computerSystemPackageRef.Get()

$platformGUID =$computerSystemPackageInstance.GetProperty("PlatformGUID")



Additional Information

The format of the the UUID returned in the property PlatformGUID varies, depending on the version of Intel AMT.

For example, with a platform UUID of F7201300-5FC5-1300-20F7-C55F001320F7,

   Prior to Release 5.1, CIM_ComputerSystemPackage.PlatformGUID returned F7201300-5FC5-1300-20F7-C55F001320F7.

   Starting with Release 5.1, CIM_ComputerSystemPackage.PlatformGUID returns 001320F7C55F001320F7C55F001320F7.

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