High Impact Changes

The following changes are more likely to require an application to check for the firmware version and implement differently for Release 5.1 and for earlier releases.



CIM_BootConfigSetting.ChangeBootOrder() parameter 'Source' Is now capitalized. It is 'source' in previous versions. Release 5.2.10 (and Release 6.0) accept either ‘Source’ or ‘source’ as a correct input.

CIM_BootConfigSetting MOF

A valid enumeration context is returned when calling enumerate even if no object is found. Previous versions return a 'destination unreachable' fault. HTTP status changed from 400 to 200 in such cases.

CIM Binding

Datetime parameter format has been changed from string to 'choice' XML element structure. This affects input and output of classes using the Datetime parameter. See the documentation of each class where this parameter is used.

WS-CIM Mapping Specification

A log entry with an invalid creation timestamp AMT_EventLogEntry.creationTimeStamp property is set to NULL (instead of "Invalid Time" string). This corrects an implementation error in previous versions.


Four experimental properties in CIM_EnabledLogicalElement were removed: 'PrimaryStatus', 'DetailedStatus', 'OperatingStatus', 'CommunicationStatus'. This affects all of CIM_EnabledLogicalElement derived classes.


AMT_BootSettingData hierarchy was changed. The class inherits from CIM_BootSettingSettingData instead of from CIM_SettingData.

Boot Control Profile

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