Host-Based Setup and Configuration

Intel AMT Release 7.0 adds a host-based setup and configuration capability – you can complete preparation of Intel AMT for use without requiring a setup and configuration application connecting with the Intel AMT device over the network or requiring IT personnel to touch the MEBx. Instead, an application running locally can set up Intel AMT and configure it for use. The local application initiating the process must have OS administrative privileges on the platform for Intel AMT setup to succeed. This model meets the needs of many IT environments that prefer to push an agent to the platform to perform IT-mandated activities locally and avoid the complications of a networked setup and configuration server.

Release 6.2 also supports host-based setup. It is a backport of the Release 7.0 feature with reduced functionality. See Release 6.2 Backport Limitations.

The host-based setup capability trades off limiting access to certain security-sensitive features for ease of setup. User consent is required for redirection, KVM and certain remote control functions. Other functions are blocked to avoid a rogue takeover of Intel AMT or the user’s platform. See Functional Limitations of Client Control Mode.

Host-based setup adds the concept of control modes (see Client Control Mode and Admin Control Mode), where Client Control mode has limited capabilities for security reasons, while Admin control mode has the full range of Intel AMT features.

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