ICimWSManClient API




string Create(const string &resourceUri, const string &data) const

Creates a new instance of a resource and returns the URI of the new object

void Delete(const string &resourceUri, const NameValuePairs *s) const

Delete the resource specified in the resource URI (Only if one instance of the object exists)

string Renew(const string &resourceUri, const string &identifier, float expire, const NameValuePairs *s) const

Renew a subscription

void Enumerate(const string &resourceUri, vector<string> &enumRes, const NameValuePairs *s) const

Enumerate a resource

void Enumerate(vector<string> &enumRes, const EnumerateFilter &filter) const

"Special" Enumerate

void EnumerateRef(vector<string> &enumRes, const EnumerateFilter &filter) const

"Special" Enumerate of references

string Get(const string &resourceUri, const NameValuePairs *s) const

Retrieves the resource specified by 'resource' and returns an XML representation of the current instance of the resource.

string Invoke(const string &resourceUri, const string &methodName, const string &content, const NameValuePairs *s) const

Invokes a method.

string Put(const string &resourceUri, const string &content, const NameValuePairs *s) const

Update a resource.

string Subscribe(const string &resourceUri, const SubscribeInfo &info, string &identifier) const

Subscribe to specified event.

void Unsubscribe(const string &resourceUri, const string &identifier, const NameValuePairs *s) const

Unsubscribe to specified event

string Identify() const

XmlElement which represent the identify





ConnectionInfo Connection [get, set]

Represents the connection information.


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