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Information for Intel® vPro™ Gateway Developers

MPS developers need to understand the MPS SOAP API and the APF interface to Intel AMT. The MPS sample provides a working example that deveoping organizations can use as a reference design. The SDK contains the following topics of interest:

   Configuring the MPS

   Security Considerations

   MPS Troubleshooting

   MPS Application Programming Interface

   Description of the Intel AMT Port Forwarding (APF) protocol – This document describes the interface used to communicate between an MPS and Intel AMT. It allows establishing multiple connections with an Intel AMT instance.

   Article describing the MPS design – This document describes the rationale behind the design of the MPS sample, working with the APF protocol, and use of design patterns in the implementation.

   Compliance Guidelines for gateway vendors.

   MPS Performance Testing – results from recent tests using the MPS sample.

   MPS and sample source code (see the MPSModule_<version>.zip file)

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