ini File

Some of the library behavior can be configured using an *.ini file. The file is a text file divided into sections; each section contains lines of the following format:

<key> = <value>

A section name must be placed in brackets and appear before any of the key-value pairs belonging to that section. Section names and key names are case-insensitive, but key names may not contain white-space.

The number of white-space characters (and whether they are tabs or real spaces) is unimportant. The order of the keys in the file is irrelevant, and not all defined keys must be specified. If a key is not specified in the file, the library will use a default value. The path to the ini file may be passed to the library when it is initialized.

The following ini file keys are defined for the COMMON section (must be preceded by a line with the string [COMMON]):




Indicates the level of debug message logging. The default value is ‘0’.

The possible values are:

     0: silent – no messages will be logged.

     1: errors – only error messages will be logged.

     2: verbose – errors, warnings and debug messages will be logged.


A value of ‘0’ means the library will not use a file for storing client information between library initializations. A non-zero value will cause the library to use the client storage feature. The default value is ‘1’.


Allows selection of the default IP version used by the library to connect to an operating system socket.

     4 – IPv4

     6 – IPv6

The library will try to connect using the selected value and then by the other value. If the key is not included in the ini file, the default value is IPv4.


Indicates the number of consecutive library-to-client heartbeat messages that must be missed before the client’s timeout can be triggered. The default value is 3.


Indicates the number of consecutive client-to-library heartbeat messages that must be missed before the library’s timeout can be triggered. The default value is 3.

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