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Intel AMT Device Modes

The following diagram illustrates the modes or stages that an Intel AMT device passes through before it becomes operational.

Factory Mode

Intel AMT comes from the factory in Factory Mode. In this mode Intel AMT is unconfigured and not available for use by management applications. When the required information is present, Intel AMT makes the transition into setup mode (the required information depends on the setup and configuration method used).

Setup Mode

When an Intel AMT device enters Setup Mode it periodically sends “Hello” messages to the SCA. When the SCA receives messages from the Intel AMT device, it responds by delivering the configuration settings and placing the device in Operational Mode. When the Intel AMT is in Setup Mode, it will accept only authorized secure connection. In this mode, most of the Intel AMT capabilities are not functional.

Operational Mode

Intel AMT enters Operational Mode once its configuration settings have been supplied and committed. At this point Intel AMT is ready to interact with management applications.

note-icon Note:

If a serious operational error occurs during the setup and configuration process (for example, TLS is configured incorrectly because a certificate or private key was installed inadvertently, or a certificate replacement was performed that does not align with current keys), and the platform is then transitioned to Operational Mode, the Intel AMT device may not be accessible remotely. The Intel AMT device needs to be returned to the Factory Mode (see Restoring Intel AMT to Factory Mode).


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