Intel® AMT High Level API

Intel® AMT High Level API

The Intel AMT SDK is a good way to learn about how Intel AMT works, its features, its limitations and the differences between releases.

The Intel AMT HLAPI, included in the SDK, is a quick and easy way to create applications that take advantage of Intel AMT features.

The HLAPI provides an extremely simple .NET API that transparently supports all versions of Intel AMT, starting with Release 2.0.

Intel AMT supports multiple protocols, including WSMAN, KVM, Storage Redirection/SOL.  This means implementation complexities for the programmer.  In addition, feature complexity and API behavior compatibility across versions makes the learning and implementation curve very long and steep.

Enter the Intel AMT HLAPI.  It provides a very simple and consistent API across all Intel AMT generations/SKUs. Additionally, the HLAPI saves ISVs from having to check their code against each version/SKU of Intel AMT.

The HLAPI source is located at <SDK_root>\Windows\High Level API.

Click here to open the HLAPI documentation.

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