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Intel AMT Release 10.0 Architecture

Release 10.0 adds the following features to Intel AMT:

   Out-of-band screen blanking. Intel AMT now supports the ability to remotely blank out the client’s screen while conducting maintenance or performing administrative actions.  See  Setting Up the Integrated Viewer Application.

   Support for Windows Connected Standby.  Windows Connected Standby, also known as Instant Go, is supported in Intel AMT as OS Power Saving.  IPS_PowerManagementService.RequestOSPowerSavingsState wakes the machine from connected standby.  IPS_PowerManagementService.OSPowerSavingState reflects the connected standby state.  There is no implementation to put the machine into connected standby, only to wake it.  See Wake From Power Saving State and Get System Power Saving State.

   Graceful power operation support.  Graceful power operations are supported on Windows Vista, 7 and 8 for 32 and 64-bit platforms, including Windows 8 connected standby, and generate UNS events.  See Remote Control Events.

   Secured FQDN provisioning support.  Provisioning in both Admin and Client Control Modes with secured FQDN is now supported.  See Client Control Mode and Admin Control Mode.

   Updated root certificate length.  The supported root certificate length was increased to support up to 2500 bytes, up from 1500 bytes.  See Creating Key Pairs and Signing Certificate Requests.

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