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Intel AMT Release 11.0 Architecture

Release 11.0 adds the following features to Intel AMT:

   DLL signing with a strong name. The following DLLs have now been signed using a strong name:






   WS-Events now work over the HTTPS protocol.

   Storage redirection now uses the USB-R protocol rather than the IDE-R protocol; the user experience has not been changed so as to maintain backward compatibility.

   The AMT Secure Boot now includes an option for secure erasure of the primary storage device. See Set SOL/Storage Redirection and other Boot Options.

   The host machine can be commanded to automatically reboot when an agent watchdog is expired. See Set the Agent Watchdog Expiration Action.

   SHA1-based root certificates were deprecated, and an extensive list of SHA256 certificates has been implemented in their stead. See Root Certificate Hashes.

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