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Intel AMT Release 11.6 Architecture

Release 11.6 adds the following features to Intel AMT:

   Wireless-only platforms can continue using Intel AMT over their WLAN connection even when connected to a wired LAN through a peripheral network card. See WLAN While Docking

   The use of OpenSSL has now been fully replaced by the Microsft SSPI.

   The redirection library now uses the TLS 1.1 protocol.

   You can now customize the number of missed heartbeat messages before the redirection library’s timeout is triggered. See the settings page for the redirection library's ini file

   An additional SHA256 certificate has been added. See Root Certificate Hashes.

   The new Web Application Hosting feature has been added. It replaces Third Party Data Storage, which is now deprecated.

   Many of the WS-Management samples have been expanded to offer additional features and options.

   The required version of Visual Studio for the SDK is now 2013. The required version of the Visual Studio C++ Redistributable is now also 2013.

   The SDK is no longer supported on Windows XP.

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