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Intel AMT Release 3.0/3.2 Architecture

The Intel AMT Release 3.0 architecture is similar to the Release 2.0 architecture. The MCH has been upgraded to the GMCH and the ICH8 has been upgraded to ICH9. These changes, combined with a new version of firmware, support all the features of Intel AMT Releases 2.5 and 2.6 (except for the wireless and mobile features) and provide the following additional capabilities:

   Heuristic System Defense: a basic capability for catching and blocking worm attacks emanating from the host platform before they spread widely across the enterprise network.

   Support for WS-Management: This emerging standard is available as a method for managing the Intel AMT platform, in addition to the SOAP based API in previous versions. Release 3.2 upgraded the WS-Management implementation to be more in line with the emerging DMTF profiles. Management applications supporting Release 3.2 and later releases should use the WS-Management API instead of the deprecated SOAP API. See the section on WS-Management.

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