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Intel AMT Release 4.0 Architecture

Release 4.0 extends the capabilities of mobile platforms (Releases 2.5/2.6) with the following features:

   Access Monitor – Provides a means for an auditor independent of the administrator to track events of interest. The events are logged locally in an Audit Log. This log captures critical Intel AMT auditable events that only a user with auditor privileges can review. It provides an audit trail in case there is a “rogue administrator” attempting to damage or take over Intel AMT-based systems, and it serves as a deterrent to such attempts.

   WS-Management – Support for DASH 1.0 included in Release 3.0 is extended to mobile platforms.

   Fast Call for Help – A User can request help via a keystroke from inside or outside the enterprise network from IT support or from a remote service provider.

   Remote Scheduled Maintenance – Platforms can be checked or updated, for example, inventoried, or updated with patches or new versions of software, by connecting with a management console or service provider from inside or outside the enterprise, when it is convenient.

   Remote Alerts – Platforms can automatically connect to the enterprise management console or service provider even from outside the enterprise network when potential issues arise. This can speed support and lead to faster solutions.

   In support of the above three features, the SDK includes a Management Presence Server (MPS) that emulates a vPro enabled gateway used to mediate between Intel vPro platforms and enterprise management consoles. See Management Presence Server .

   Support for Microsoft NAP – the endpoint access control feature has been extended to support Microsoft* Network Access Protection (NAP).

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