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Intel AMT Release 6.0 Architecture

Release 6.0 is a major architecture change: The MCH and ICH chipset has been replaced by the PCH, which contains the ME processor and other logic to support ME-based applications.

Release 6.0 adds the remote KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) feature, which provides the ability to view the client screen and control the platform remotely via a keyboard and mouse. The KVM feature is useful when the host processor is or will be active and a remote IT operator wants to control the client platform.

The SMB (small and medium business) configuration mode has been replaced with a manual configuration option. Unlike the SMB mode, it is now possible to configure an Intel AMT platform via the MEBx without losing any Intel AMT capabilities, such as support for TLS.

The product now has an optional dynamic DNS (DDNS) update client. When the client is enabled, Intel AMT will periodically re-register the platform with a DNS server. It is possible to configure a resource record time-to-live and a periodic DNS update.

Other added features include support for SHA-2 hashes and full support for IPv6.


   The SOAP API is deprecated in this release. New features are supported only via the WS-Management interface.

   Local applications can no longer subscribe for and receive SOAP alerts.

   Support for mutual authentication on the local interface is deprecated. This capability will be removed in a future release.

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