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Intel AMT Release 6.2 Architecture

Release 6.2 is a backport of Release 7.0 features to Release 6.1. These features include:

   Host based setup and configuration: This feature allows users to easily configure Intel AMT out of the box with an application running on the local host without any special additional information or parameters. The Release 6.2 implementation does not include the ability to go directly to Admin Control mode from the local host or to upgrade from Client Control mode to Admin Control mode. See Host-Based Setup and Configuration.

   User consent: When the platform is configured to Client Control mode, the platform user must provide a consent code before a remote console can setup a redirection or KVM session. Certain other remote control commands also require consent. See User Consent.

   The ability to create a private-public key pair and a certificate request based on the private key. See the Enroll a Certificate use case.

   Modifying the “reset flash wearout protection” mechanism. See the Reset the Flash Wear-out Protection use case.

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