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Intel AMT Release 8.0 Architecture

Release 8.0 adds the following features to Intel AMT:

   The Intel® Small Business Technology (Intel® SBT) platform has been introduced providing in-band host-based management. See Intel® Small Business Technology Platform.

   The Access Monitor feature has been simplified to make it easier to use. Among other things, multiple admin users can perform auditor functions until an audit user is identified. Also, there is a pre-defined list of auditable events, to save having to enable events. See Comparison of Access Monitor Pre-8.0 and Release 8.0.

   The wired 802.1x configuration interface has been revised to support a CIM-compliant format. See 802.1x Profile Configuration.

   Agent presence alerts now contain the agent GUID as a string so that an application can easily identify which agent triggered the alert.

   Updated SMBIOS Reference Specification support from version 2.6 to versions 2.7.1.

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