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Intel AMT Releases and Mobility Features

Intel AMT Release 2.5 adds features to respond to these challenges. It adds the capability to:

   Send and receive manageability traffic over a secured wireless LAN. The wireless LAN must have a DHCP-defined IP address, and not a static IP.

   Apply System Defense filters to wireless traffic.

   Support 802.1x authentication.

   Support power profiles that are different for AC and DC power.

   Detect whether the platform is inside or outside the enterprise network.

Releases 2.6 and 4.0 extend these features with the following additions:

   Intel AMT can send and receive manageability traffic over a wireless LAN connection even if no wireless profile was defined, as long as the host wireless driver has a secure wireless profile defined and is active and Intel AMT detects that it is inside the enterprise.

   Wake on LAN functionality applies also to traffic on the wireless port.

   Support for Microsoft Network Access Protection.

   Support for client-initiated remote access (Remote Fast Call for Help).

   Support for management over a VPN. This works even when the platform is configured with static IP addresses (although Intel AMT cannot connect directly over a wireless LAN with a static IP address); support for a VPN connection independent of platform location.

Release 4.0 adds support for wireless LAN out-of-band management in Sx states.

Release 6.0 adds synchronization with the currently active host wireless profile.

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