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Limitations on the Number of Actions and Agents

The number of actions that can be assigned to a particular agent is a function of three parameters, defined in the following properties  of AMT_AgentPresenceCapabilities:




The maximum number of agent entries (16)*.


The guaranteed minimum number of actions per agent entry (3)*.


The maximum total number of actions (64)*.

*  The numbers in brackets show the values for all Intel AMT systems from Release 2.0.

    The values of these Agent Presence capabilities may change in future releases.

Therefore, the number of actions available beyond the minimum that can be allocated to the agents is:

MaxTotalActions – (MaxTotalAgents x MinGuaranteedActionListSize)

This means that there are (currently) a total of 16 actions available in the “pool”.  When an agent is allocated more than 3 actions, each additional action is removed from the pool of available actions.

The use case Get an Agent Watchdog's Actions returns the actions currently assigned to an agent.

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