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Link Preference and its Impact on KVM Over Wireless

The link preference option gives an IT operator control of KVM over a wireless link, even in situations when the host operating system wireless driver is not available.

Starting with Release 8.1, when the link protection feature is enabled, it automatically protects WLAN connectivity.  This eliminates the need for manual link control of a KVM session over a wireless link.


   ME preference means that out-of-band traffic is always available but no wireless traffic reaches the host.

   Host preference means that out-of-band traffic is handled by the host OS wireless driver when it is available, but will be taken over by the ME if the host driver is not available (the host is in an Sx state or the driver is disabled for some reason).

   The KVM default is Host preference.

   The ME must be in control during a remote re-boot. Switching to ME preference facilitates this.

   Disconnections may occur when a change in preference occurs. The IT operator should reconnect.

   Disconnections can occur when IP addresses are changed. This is more of a problem on Host to ME transitions than on ME to Host transitions.

   External triggers can cause a change in link preference to ME preference:

Legacy console redirection sessions

User-initiated remote call for help

There may be additional external triggers in the future.

   There can be failures due to a change in link preference if there is a problem with the wireless configuration (for example, a missing wireless profile) or if the network is down. In these cases, when the preference is changed, the connection is lost. A way of reducing the impact of such a condition is to use a timeout when changing to ME preference. Preference returns to the Host after the defined interval.

   If the setting is Host preference but there is no functional wireless driver, ME will take control of the link.


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