Link Up Event


This event is supported by Intel AMT Release 1.0 and later releases.

Trap Definition

Specific Trap Info

Event Sensor Type

27h (LAN)

Event Type

0Ah (Discrete)

Event Offset

03h (Trans. To Online)

Variable Binding Info

Event Source Type

68h (ASF 1.0)

Event Severity

01h (Info)

Sensor Device

FFh (NS)

Sensor Number



26h (Mgmt Device)

Entity Instance

61h (port #1 (LAN port)) or 62h (port #2 (WLAN port) )


Byte 1: Entity ID. A unique ID used to differentiate between similar devices of the same vendor.

Bytes 2-3: Vendor ID. Vendor ID in network order.

Bytes 4-8 Reserved.


This Event is sent to all Event subscribers.
This Event is NEVER logged regardless of any Event Filter state.

If the platform has both a wired and wireless interface and the link is already up on one of them, the platform will not issue a Link Up event when the link comes up on the other interface.


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