MPS Performance Data

An early version of the MPS sample was tested to evaluate the performance capabilities of the application.

The test environment included an Intel AMT simulation system that represented thousands of Intel AMT instances with realistic response times and functional behavior.

Two tests were run – the first was a stability test and the second checked the limitations on the number of connections that the MPS could support.

1.  The stability test ran a simulated environment that consisted of 1,000 Intel AMT devices connected to the MPS and transmitting SOL data over the MPS. The test was run over 48 hours with the following results:

a.   The MPS was still functioning after 48 hours.

b.   There were no disconnections or transmission failures during the 48 hours.

c.   The maximum hardware load for the MPS.exe process was:

  15% CPU usage.

  26MB of RAM.

  725KB I/O (MPS Log Files).

2.  The connection limitation test created hundreds of simulated connections and then attempted to open a redirection session with an actual Intel AMT platform.

a.   With  approximately 500 existing connections the Intel AMT platform connected and redirection sessions were opened successfully.

b.   With  approximately 600 existing connections the Intel AMT platform connected, but the redirection sessions failed to open and generated a "Session closed" error.

These tests showed that the MPS was stable and could add a new connection while there were approximately 500 active connections.


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