Opt-In Flow

When Intel AMT is configured to require user opt-in before enabling a KVM session, a series of steps is required involving both the PC user and the IT operator. The following summarizes the opt-in flow.

When a local PC user needs support from IT:

1.  The user calls IT on the telephone.

2.  The IT operator initiates a KVM connection from a console.

3.  An opt-in sprite pops up on the PC user’s screen, displaying a one-time password (“User Consent Code”). Note that the language used in the sprite can be changed using the IMSS. Starting in Release 8.0, if a problem occurs while changing the language, the sprite will default to English messages.

4.  At the same time, the Intel AMT platform sends a display to the IT Console that requests the IT operator to enter an OTP. This example shows the form displayed in the KVM Control Sample console window.

5.  The PC user reads the OTP to the IT operator over the telephone.

6.  The IT operator types the OTP value into the displayed form and sends it.

7.  Intel AMT accepts the connection and the KVM session begins.

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