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Perform Local Unprovision

The following step describes how to unprovision Intel AMT from the local host. This command works only when Intel AMT was already setup and in Client Control Mode. Use this flow locally when a valid IT operator that wants to revert to an unconfigured state after a malicious user or virus has configured Intel AMT in Client Control mode and the IT does not know the admin password. Unprovisioning will restore, or not remove, OEM secure settings, including custom hashes, DNS suffix and configured server FQDN. The normal unprovisioning flow would be used in normal circumstances also in Client Control mode. See Unconfigure an Intel AMT Device.

1.  Invoke the MEI command CFG_Unprovision. Alternatively, invoke the WMI method OOB_Service.Unconfigure via the ME WMI provider. (See Intel ME WMI Provider). The PC user who executes this step must have OS Admin privileges on the host platform.


Processing this command may take several seconds. Allow for a retry on subsequent commands or for a delay to account for this processing time.


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SDK Sample

Located at: <SDK_Root>\Windows\ Intel_AMT\Samples\Configuration\HostBasedSetup


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