Profile Overview

Role-Based Authorization in Intel AMT is actually the implementation of the following two DASH profiles:

   DSP1034 – Simple Identity Management Profile: This profile provides the ability to manage local accounts on a system and to represent the local system’s view of the principal that is authenticated through a third party authentication service. Intel AMT has both Digest accounts (which follow the requirements of the profile) and Kerberos accounts which extend the model defined in the profile.

   DSP1039 – Role-Based Authorization Profile: This profile extends the management capability of the referencing profiles by adding the capability to model role-based authorization for a managed system. This profile is intended to be used for the representation of the authorization on a managed system. This profile is not intended to serve as a mechanism for the authorization. The relationship between authorization and security principals of the accounts and groups, as well as the profile’s registration for the schema implementation version information, is also described.

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