Redirection Sample Console GUI

The Redirection Sample Console GUI consists of an MFC-based simple GUI Console. Using the GUI, the user can add clients to the Console or delete them. Double-clicking a selected client in the main window opens the Client Dialog window. In the Client Dialog window, the user can open or close SOL and Storage Redirection sessions with the Intel AMT client and configure session parameters. The source code of the sample application demonstrates how to build a GUI console on top of the Redirection Library.


The pre-compiled Redirection Sample Console GUI is designed to work only with the 32-bit version of the redirection library, imrsdk.lib.  Users can compile the sample to work as a 64-bit application.  The 64-bit application will work with the imrsdk_x64.lib library.

The sample application source files are located in the \RedirectionSamplesModule_<version>.zip\Src\IMRGUI folder. The following table describes the main files.




Visual Studio project file. Use it to compile the project from Visual Studio


Pre-built Sample Application Console, ready to run


Sample INI file passed to the Redirection Library at startup. (See ini File.) If there is a CA_File parameter, the sample ignores it.

\Bin\imrsdk.dll and \Bin\imrsdk_x64.dll


A copy of the Intel Management Redirection Library DLL

\Src\Lib\imrsdk.lib and \Src\Lib\imrsdk_x64.lib

A copy of the Export Library for the imrsdk.dll, which is required to compile the application successfully

The IMRSDK.h file in the \Src\IMRGUI\Include folder contains function prototypes and other definitions for applications linking to the Redirection Library.

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