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Retrieve the registered profiles (both DASH and Intel proprietary)

The following steps describe how to locate the registered profiles. The presence or absence of certain profiles indicates whether the platform supports Intel AMT, the Level III Manageability SKU, Intel Standard Manageability or Intel Small Business Technology. All console applications should determine the SKU of the platform under management to be sure it supports the features the console depends on.

note-icon Note:

Beginning in Intel AMT Release 9.0, Level III manageability SKU MU and CPU upgrades will no longer be offered.  Level III manageability will only be available to those platforms which already upgraded to it by Intel AMT Release 7.0.


1.  Perform CIM_RegisteredProfile.Enumerate.

2.  Each returned profile includes the profile registered name and version.

3.  The list should include all of the DASH profiles listed in the general WS-Management section, as well as the following Intel proprietary profiles:

Profile Registered Name


Included in Intel Standard Manageability SKU

Included in Level III Manageability SKU*

Included in Intel Small Business Technology SKU

Intel(r) AMT


Named “Intel(r) Std. Mgt”

Named “Intel(r)L3MgtUpgrade”

Named “Intel® Small Business Technology”

User Initiated Connection





Remote Access





Audit Log


No in 5.x; Yes in 6.0

No in 5.x; Yes in 6.0


Common Services






*Level III Manageability SKU is no longer supported from Release 9.0.

The DASH KVM Redirection Profile is not included in Standard Manageabilty or Level III Manageability or Small Business Technology SKUs.

4.  Use the profile list to determine whether the platform is an Intel AMT SKU, a Level III Manageability SKU, an Intel Standard Manageability SKU or an Intel Small Business Technology SKU.

5.  The alarm clock feature is also not supported by the Intel Standard Manageability SKU or the Release 6.1 Level III Manageability SKU. To check if the alarm clock capability is present:

a.   Perform AMT_AlarmClockService.Get.

b.   If there is an AMT_AlarmClockService instance, then the platform supports the Alarm Clock feature.

Also, see the General Info Get Code Versions use case snippet that retrieves the platform SKU to identify the platform capabilities.

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