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Important Announcements - updated November 2022

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Intel AMT Features

Click a feature for more information:

Access Monitor

Firmware Update

Remote Control

Agent Presence

General Info

Storage Administration and Operations

Alarm Clock

Hardware Asset

System Defense



User Consent

Event Manager

One-Click Recovery

Redirection (SOL/Storage Redirection)

Fast Call for Help

Remote Access


Setup and Configuration of Intel AMT

To set up and configure the Intel AMT device, there are several tools available, such as Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant
and the Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS). Intel recommends using Intel EMA, which streamlines
the Intel AMT provisioning process and provides endpoint manageability capability for IT.

The configuration process includes setting many elements of Intel AMT. Click a setting for more information:

802.1x Profile Configuration

Kerberos Settings

Time Synchronization

Access Control List Management

KVM Configuration

Transport Layer Security

Certificate Management

Network Administration

WiFi Port Configuration

Endpoint Access Control

Power Packages

Environment Detection

Redirection (SOL/Storage Redirection)

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