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Sensors and Sensor Events

A sensor is a logical representation of a hardware element built into a PC that detects a physical condition.For example, a sensor could detect:



   Chassis intrusion

A platform has sensors only if an OEM includes them in the platform design. They are entirely optional, and most OEM platforms do not have sensors integrated with Intel AMT. Intel AMT can support up to eight sensors. Some platforms have one or two sensors. Most have none.

Detecting the presence of sensors on a platform

Intel AMT has an instance of AMT_PETCapabilities for each sensor on the platform. Enumerate this class and examine the following properties:

   InstanceID: Intel(r) AMT: PET Capabilities %d" where %d is the sensor number.

   EventSensorType: Based on the PET specification. For example, 01h is temperature.

   EventType: Based on the PET specification. For example, 01h is Threshold-based; 6Fh is sensor-specific.

There is also an instance of CIM_Sensor for each sensor:

   The DeviceID of the sensor is "Sensor N", where N is the index of the ASF_ALERTDATA structure in the ASF_ALRT table.

   The SensorType property maps to the EventSensorType field of ASF_ALERTDATA structure for a sensor in ACPI "ASF!" table. For example, a temperature sensor, Type 01h in the ASF! Table maps to 02h.

   PossibleStates enumerates the possible values of the sensor.

   CurrentState is set to one of the possible states.

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