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Set a Heuristics System Defense Policy


Heuristic settings are NOT supported by wireless interfaces.  Therefore, this will not work on a LAN-less platform.

This feature was deprecated in Release 10.0 and removed in Release 12.0.

The following steps describe how to set a Heuristics System Defense Policy on an Intel AMT system.

1.  Retrieve the CIM_EthernetPort instance for the wired interface, where “DeviceID” key equals “Intel(r) AMT Ethernet Port 0”.

2.  Create an instance of AMT_HeuristicPacketFilterInterfacePolicy where:

   The AMT_HeuristicPacketFilterInterfacePolicy.Antecendant property is set to the EPR of the required CIM_EthernetPort instance.

   The AMT_HeuristicPacketFilterInterfacePolicy.Dependent property is set to the EPR of the required AMT_SystemDefensePolicy instance.


   Before setting an heuristcs policy invoke AMT_HeuristicPacketFilterSettings.Put at least once (See Set a Heuristics System Defense Policy). Even if Heuristics is disabled (state 3), activating a Heuristics SystemDefense policy changes the Heuristics status to enabled (state 0).

   This use case assumes that a system defense policy already exists. To create a system defense policy, see Create a System Defense Policy.

   To retrieve the system defense policy enabled by the Heuristics service, see Get Active and Enabled Policies.


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$ethernetPortRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM CIM_EthernetPort WHERE DeviceID='Intel(r) AMT Ethernet Port 0'")

$heuristicPacketFilterInterfacePolicyInstance =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewInstance("AMT_HeuristicPacketFilterInterfacePolicy")


# $systemDefensePolicyRef is an EPR to the AMT_SystemDefensePolicy object created by the 'Create a System Defense Policy' use case.


$heuristicPacketFilterInterfacePolicyRef =$heuristicPacketFilterInterfacePolicyInstance.Create()



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