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Set/Enable/Disable Heuristics Settings


Heuristic settings are NOT supported by wireless interfaces.  Therefore, this feature is not available on LAN-less platforms.

This feature was deprecated in Release 10.0 and removed in Release 12.0.

The following steps describe how to set, enable, or disable the Heuristics settings of an Intel AMT system.

1.  Get the Heuristics settings of the Intel AMT system, as described in Get Heuristics Settings.

2.  Change the properties of AMT_HeuristicPacketFilterSettings as required.


   Ensure that you set the correct value for theEnabled property to enable/disable Heuristics.

   Disabling heuristic settings deletes the AMT_HeuristicsPacketFilterInterfacePolicy association.

3.  Invoke AMT_HeuristicPacketFilterSettings.put.

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# $heuristicPacketFilterSettingsRef is an EPR to the AMT_HeuristicPacketFilterSettings object returned by the 'Get Heuristics Settings' use case.

$heuristicPacketFilterSettingsInstance =$heuristicPacketFilterSettingsRef.Get()









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