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Set Link Preference Locally

There are circumstances when the link preference setting on the wireless interface is not in the desired setting and a local application needs to change the setting. This use case uses the $$OsAdmin credentials to access the relevant Intel AMT objects and methods. Two examples when this might be necessary:

   The SetLinkPreferences timeout was set to a large value and link preference is “stuck” in ME so the Host has no access to wireless interface traffic. Use this flow to switch from ME to Host preference.

   The user initiated a “Fast call for help” request when there was no active wired LAN connection and no host wireless IP address. Use this flow to switch from Host to ME preference.

1.  Retrieve the $$OsAdmin credentials by invoking the MEI command CFG_GetLocalSystemAccount, which returns the user ID (always $$OsAdmin) and a randomly generated password. Alternatively, invoke the WMI method OOB_Service.GetLocalAdminCredentials via the ME WMI provider. (See Intel ME WMI Provider). The PC user who performs this step must have OS Admin privileges on the host platform. Use the returned credentials for subsequent WS-Management requests.

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You can execute this snippet by inserting it into the execution template found here.


$connectionWMI = Invoke-WmiMethod-Class OOB_Service -Namespace "ROOT\Intel_ME:OOB_Service" -ComputerName "localhost" -Name "GetLocalAdminCredentials"

$user =$connectionWMI.Username

$password =$connectionWMI.Password



2.  Perform the Set/Get Link Preference and Control use case to set the link preference to the desired setting.

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