Settings Tab

The Settings tab includes several definable User Consent Tool application settings.


The following table describes the options available from the Settings Tab.



Log Settings

Defines if and how the User Consent Tool records to a log file.

If the Create log file check box is selected, the User Consent Tool records a log file according to the selected Logging level:

     Regular – Only the main actions and errors are logged.

     Detailed (default) – All operations, errors, and user selections are logged.

The log file is created in a Logs sub-folder where the User Consent Tool is run.

To apply changes made to these settings, restart the User Consent Tool.

Application Settings

Defines general application settings.

From Release 9.0 (unsupported in releases before 9.0):  If the Attempt graceful shut-down before AMT reboot check box is selected, before rebooting, a remote Intel AMT system the User Consent Tool will display a message to the remote user instructing him to close all applications.

The message will be displayed for the amount of minutes defined in the Timeout field. If the check box is not selected, (or the timeout is reached) the User Consent Tool performs reboot directly from the AMT, regardless of the state of the remote systems operating system.

Performing graceful shutdown requires the following:

     The user account running the User Consent Tool must have the RemoteShutdown privilege on the remote Intel AMT system.

     The host name/IP address defined in the Intel AMT must be identical to the host name/IP address defined in the host operating system.


Click to reset the User Consent Tool settings back to the default settings.


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