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Setting up a Platform to Forward Posture Information

Once the Endpoint Access Control is enabled, the Intel AMT device will respond to requests for a posture or a posture hash (EndpointAccessControlService/GetPosture and GetPostureHash).

note-icon Note:

Beginning in Intel AMT Release 9.0 NAC is no longer supported.

The Cisco Trusted Agent (CTA) requests posture updates via the Intel-supplied Posture plug-in (PP). First install the CTA according to the instructions supplied by Cisco. The installation picks up the IntelAMTPP.dll and IntelAMTPP.inf files found in <root_drive>:\Program Files\Common Files\postureAgent\plugins\install. They are placed there when the LMS/SOL drivers are installed.

The installation includes a document that has instructions for setting up the CTA to work with the Intel AMT posture attribute-value pairs (AVPs).

Installing a Certificate on the Host platform

It is necessary to install a certificate on the host that will be used to authenticate to the ACS. Use this certificate later and install it on the ACS.

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