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Setup and Configuration Components

To set up and configure the Intel AMT device, there are several tools available, such as Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel®EMA) and the Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS). Intel recommends using Intel EMA, which streamlines theIntel AMT provisioning process and provides endpoint manageability capability for IT.

This section describes the components used in the Setup and Configuration process.

Configuration Server

A Setup and Configuration Application (SCA) is an application used to deliver operational settings to Intel AMT devices. The SCA completes the setup and configuration process by supplying the Intel AMT device with customized parameters. The computer that the SCA software runs on is referred to as the Setup and Configuration Server, sometimes referred to as a provisioning server.

To set up and configure the Intel AMT device, use the Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel®EMA) or the Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS).

Starting with Release 6.1, the SCA can run locally, as all realms are available locally. See Functionality to Realm Mapping. Local users still need to authenticate via the Intel AMT Access Control List.

Intel AMT Platform

An Intel AMT device cannot receive its configuration settings from an SCA until it is brought out of its default factory state and placed into Setup Mode (see Intel AMT Device Modes). Once in Setup Mode, Intel AMT devices periodically send messages to the SCA. These messages enable the SCA to identify the individual device requiring configuration.

DHCP Server

Intel AMT devices, by default, obtain their network settings from a DHCP server. If DHCP services are not available, then the Intel AMT device must be configured to use static IP network settings.

DNS Server

When an Intel AMT device enters Setup Mode, by default it attempts to obtain the IP address of the SCA automatically by performing a DNS query for a hostname of “ProvisionServer”. If a DNS server is unavailable, then the SCA IP address must be explicitly set in the MEBx.

note-icon Note:

In Intel AMT releases earlier than release 6.0, the OEM platform provider could change “ProvisionServer” to some other value.

Optional Servers

Optionally, a setup environment can include an Active Directory (AD) domain server and a Certification Authority (CA).

Management Console

A management console is a platform running an application that is used for managing Intel AMT platforms.

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