Setup and Configuration in SMB Mode

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To set up and configure the Intel AMT device, use the Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (SCS) available on the Intel website here.


note-icon Note:

The SMB mode is supported in all releases of Intel AMT through 5.x. This feature was disabled and replaced with Manual Setup and Configuration (from Release 6.0).  This is not related to the Small Business Technology (SBT) SKU introduced in Release 8.0.

The SMB mode has the following limitations when compared to the PSK and PKI methods of the Enterprise mode (and the new Manual method of release 6.0):

   No support for TLS authentication

   Kerberos authentication is supported in SMB mode only from Intel AMT release 2.1

   No Access Monitor feature

   In SMB mode, Intel AMT uses the local platform clock to determine the time of day and updates the parameter based on the host clock setting each time the platform reboots. In Enterprise mode, configuration cannot complete until the configuration server sets the network time (assumed by Intel AMT to be in UTC).

   In SMB, SOL, Storage Redirection, and WEBUI are enabled by default. Also, the redirection listener is enabled by default. In Enterprise mode all are disabled by default.

   In Enterprise mode, a platform must be configured via the network interface. In SMB mode, Setup and configuration must be performed locally from the MEBx as described in Configuring the SMB Mode.

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